Hair dying

Hi guys today I want to talk about my new hair cut and what I’m going to do next with it.

My hair right now is light brown I’m thinking of getting highlights . Do you guys know any good buys? Please comment down below what you would recommend.

I know I want it ombré as that’s what my friend has and it looks great on her !

What do you guys think? Can you recommend some products you have tried? 

Thanks for reading hopefully you’ll help . Bye 

Bæs I love

I love my gals so much they are great

Friends are so important they are someone you can just hang out with and go to when your feeling rubbish.

How come they are always there?

They are there for you only if your there for them like the old tv show “I’ll be there for you if your there for me too”

What if you want to be friends with more people that your friends aren’t friends with?

Just make time to be with both groups of people. And ask if they want to hang with them too you never know they might!

Be cool and nice to them all !!! 


Does getting braces hurt and how much ?

Because I’m going to get them done soon and I’m scared. My teeth have always needed it and they aren’t that bad but I still need it. 

It might hurt but hopefully not too much!

That’s what my mum said but is it true ?

Hopefully you can tell me thanks for reading .BYE 👋 

My favourite YouTubers

As a new person to this blogging word I decided you might be interested in what YouTubers I’m into .

1.zoella- she is just an all round amazing person I’m interested in and I love all her videos 

2.caspar lee- he is amazing, funny and great  . I also really like joe sugg and they do lots of videos together 

3.thatcherjoe- I love joes videos for the reason above !

4.sprinkleof glitter- I love her amazing positive attitude to life and her sweet child baby glitter (darcy)

5.pointless blog- he is a great guy and his girlfriend is ZOELLA!!!

These are my top 5 . Who are yours?


As a beauty blogger I’m going to talk to you today about lipstick. I will tell you where I got them from too.

1.This lipstick is from newlooks matte lipstick collection. I suggest getting a darker colour as the lighter ones are very light but if that’s the look your going for then great!

2.This one is by bourjois it is a colour boost lip stick . That one is called Fuchsia Libre. It is a really nice colour and totally worth buying as they last a long time.

3.This is my fave because it is a nice nude look .it is also by bourjois rouge collection. It is a really lovely colour too.

If you have any other really great ones please comment !

Thx for reading, bye!

My first post

This is the post excerpt.

Hi this is sylvsbeauty I’m going to be doing weekly blogs about my favourite beauty items. I hope you will enjoy reading them and getting advise on how to use them. Right now I’m really obsessed with bath bombs so I will also talk about them and where I got them from. Hopefully you will enjoy!

Thanks for reading,bye