As a beauty blogger I’m going to talk to you today about lipstick. I will tell you where I got them from too.

1.This lipstick is from newlooks matte lipstick collection. I suggest getting a darker colour as the lighter ones are very light but if that’s the look your going for then great!

2.This one is by bourjois it is a colour boost lip stick . That one is called Fuchsia Libre. It is a really nice colour and totally worth buying as they last a long time.

3.This is my fave because it is a nice nude look .it is also by bourjois rouge collection. It is a really lovely colour too.

If you have any other really great ones please comment !

Thx for reading, bye!

Author: Girly stuff

I do beauty fashion and some random things 🌸❤️😹

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